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I recently learned that some people have been using mothballs to deter things like snakes, squirrels, and moles in their yard. I've even been told by people that their pest control person suggested it to them. Ugh. Not only are mothballs toxic, but it's unlawful to use them in this... Read more →

Every year, my family participates in the International Coastal Cleanup. Not that we don't pick up trash just about every time we go to the beach, but there's something special about taking part in the worldwide event. When you pick up trash on your own you may not always feel... Read more →

My family drinks a lot of water, so when we head out with the RV we wondered what we would do. We do not buy bottled water. Why? Well, because bottled water is a huge waste of resources! Not only are you paying a lot of money for something that... Read more →

If you have little kids, there's a great chance you will love Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, located at 6131 Commercial Way in Spring Hill, Florida. This park is a great place for those with small children, or for those who have some fear of swimming in the springs that... Read more →

If you area west of Ocala you may want to check out Levy Blue Springs, otherwise known as Bronson Blue Springs. Located in Bronson, Florida, Levy Blue Springs is a county park that is $2 per person to enter. There are picnic tables, a playground area, volleyball court, restrooms, and... Read more →