Every year, my family participates in the International Coastal Cleanup. Not that we don't pick up trash just about every time we go to the beach, but there's something special about taking part in the worldwide event. When you pick up trash on your own you may not always feel... Read more →

We just finished up RV camping at Anastasia State Park, located in St. Augustine, Florida. We spent three nights there and overall, we had a great time! Being that it is summer, we prefer to camp somewhere that has a place to cool off (e.g., springs, beach, etc.). This campground... Read more →

Ghost crabs are really neat. They can move at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour and they live in burrows they build in the beach sand. Those holes can go down as deep as three to four feet, where they will hibernate during winter. Their two eyes allow... Read more →

Putting gopher tortoises into the ocean in - Daytona Beach area

The above picture is what I saw when I first arrived at the beach this evening. A dead gopher tortoise in the surf, just laying there as the waves lapped away. I took one look and suspected that it was a drowning. This is something that I learned about in... Read more →

Yesterday we took part in the International Coastal Cleanup. We participate in this event each year. We did our cleanup in Daytona Beach Shores, on the beach. We walked the length of four buildings and we collectively pickedup nine pounds of trash! Spending an hour picking up trash, so much... Read more →