Florida Wildflowers

(click on the image to enlarge it) As we get closer to summer I always look for one of the plants I find beautiful out in nature - the pickerelweed. I love the way pickerelweed looks when it's blooming, as the purple flowers look so beautiful. Now is the time... Read more →

Yesterday morning we had a wonderful time going on a county program. The program was an eco-buggy ride/hike that focused on wildflowers. We went to Long Leaf Pine Preserve, located in Volusia County. The program was run by Bonnie Carey, who is always great to be around. She had a... Read more →

Have you ever thought about what a weed is? And no, I don’t mean the kind some people smoke. I mean the kind that grow and people race to pull, spray, or otherwise attempt to destroy? What is a weed? I read a quote a long time ago that made... Read more →

Last week I shared a blog post about a plant that eats bugs (the pitcher plant). Today I'm going to share pictures of another one - the bladderwort. The bladderwort is an aquatic plant that grows in wetland areas. It is a free floating, meaning that it does not grow... Read more →