Product Reviews

My family drinks a lot of water, so when we head out with the RV we wondered what we would do. We do not buy bottled water. Why? Well, because bottled water is a huge waste of resources! Not only are you paying a lot of money for something that... Read more →

We are a family of four, and I recently came across a set of stainless steel cups at REI that were perfect for us! I got them on clearance for around $20. They just so happen to come in our four favorite colors, so we quickly assigned a colored cup... Read more →

My husband loves to make smoothies. But he hasn't gotten a chance to do it when we go out RV camping, so last month for his birthday I searched around for a small, lightweight blender he could use in the travel trailer. I didn't want anything that was heavy, going... Read more →

For many years I have hiked wearing my Teva sandals in the picture above. Those shoes have many miles on them and have hiked in the desert, the woods, and beyond. I love them! Then one day I started to question whether or not it was the right thing to... Read more →

On a recent vacation we did so much hiking that I dubbed it the "hiking vacation." We spent a week in the Las Vegas area, but spent very little time on or near the Strip (because we lived there for years and know the best things there are not found... Read more →