Purple Thistle at Deep Creek Preserve
Florida Fighting Conch on Sanibel Island

Eco Buggy Ride at Deep Creek Preserve in Volusia County

Taking a nature walk is great - something I love to do. But every once in a while it is nice to sit and take a stroll through the woods. That's what we recently did when we took the eco buggy ride that was offered through the county. The eco buggy ride took place at Deep Creek Preserve, which is located in Volusia County, Florida. 

This was a great experience, especially one to take the kids on. We learned a lot about trees, specifically pine trees, that are found in Deep Creek Preserve and throughout Florida. We learned the many things that the wood pulp (cellulose) is used for (e.g., food products, sponges, etc.), how to determine the age of the trees, and we even saw a demonstration of how the tree sample is taken in order to count the rings. Some of this stuff we knew already, some we didn't, but all of it was great! This is where we also spotted the purple thistle in bloom.

If you are in Volusia County there are similar eco buggy rides offered by the county. They are free and good experiences. You can find a list of any upcoming ones being offered here.

Here are some pictures from our recent eco buggy ride at Deep Creek Preserve, along with a video of the ranger demonstrating how they bore into the tree and extract a piece in order to count the rings to determine the age of the tree. Great stuff!

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