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Florida Fighting Conch on Sanibel Island

I'm a seashell collector. I love them and have many. I make a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida every spring because the shelling is so great there. The beaches there literally have millions of shells covering it. Just sift through and you will find some real gems!

My favorite shell is the Florida fighting conch, which is a vegetarian. On our recent trip there we found two Florida fighting conchs that were still alive. So I took a quick video (below) showing them pushing their foot out of their shell. After we filmed this we put them back in the water. Taking live shells is unlawful on some beaches and unethical on all.

Below you can see some pictures of the Florida fighting conch, as well as the video showing them alive and sticking their foot out. By the way, they are called Florida "fighting" conchs because the males will sometimes battle. 

Spring break 2013 208

Spring break 2013 207



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