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Beautiful snag on Sanibel Island and Lake Ashby

A snag, which is a standing dead tree, can be seen as an eyesore or as something beautiful. To me, it's a beautiful thing to see. Snags play an important role in nature, providing food and homes for many insects and birds. I see them around Florida often and they always catch my eye because they are so cool to see. Often times you can see all many holes that the woodpeckers have made, just adding to the interesting look.

You can learn more about the important role that snags and downed logs/wood play in our environment here.

Here is a snag that I thought was beautiful. I had to take a picture of it to share with others. It is located on Sanibel Island, in the dunes area of the beach.

Spring break 2013 197

Here is another beautiful snag that can be seen on the nature walk at Lake Ashby in New Smryna Beach (notice the woodpecker holes):

Lake ashby 079


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