Snake Class at Deep Creek Preserve - and fearing snakes

Lake Ashby in New Smyrna Beach - Nature Walk, Picnic, Camping

If you are looking for a nice nature walk to take head over to Lake Ashby. It's a beautiful place with a wonderful nature walk!

Lake Ashby is located at 4150 Boy Scout Camp Road in New Smyrna. It is a public county park and is free to visit. There are bathrooms, pavilions, picnic tables, barbecue grills, a nice children's playground, volleyball net, and a nature walk. You could also take your kayak or boat there. The nature walk is around a mile or so and is part hard packed sandy trail and part boardwalk. The boardwalk takes you out over the lake, giving a great view of the cypress trees, spatterdock/cow lily. Spatterdock (pictured below) is native to Florida. 

The nature walk is accessible with a stroller and I would also think that a wheelchair would be able to do the whole thing as well. The boardwalk has a few signs to let you know what you are looking at. Be sure to check out the huge old cypress trees where the boardwalk meets the water. Lots of great things to see on this walk! We even spotted a red cockaded woodpecker and watched it for a while as it tapped into a snag (dead tree).

Things we explored were the sweet gum tree star-shaped leaves and spiny seed pods (pictured below), the spider webs along the boarwalk over the water, the spatterdock, the birds, the snags, Florida green lizards, brown anoles, the cypress trees, orange trees, a gopher tortoise, pine trees, and more. We had a great time (again) at Lake Ashby. They do also offer tent camping and the fees are quite reasonable ($10-20 per night, depending on the time of year). We also took a picnic and enjoyed it under the pavilion, and gave the kids time to pay around on the playground.

You can download more info about Lake Ashby here.

Lake ashby 031

Lake ashby 037

Lake ashby 039

Lake ashby 042

Lake ashby 044

Lake ashby 046

(Above and below: Spatterdock/cow lily growing in the water)

Lake ashby 050

Lake ashby 056 

Lake ashby 061

(Above: A beautiful old cypress tree)

Lake ashby 066

Lake ashby 070

(Above: the star-shaped leaves and spiny seed of the sweet gum tree)

Lake ashby 079

(Above: A beautiful snag that has many woodpecker holes)

Lake ashby 082

(Above: A Florida green lizard - a native)

Lake ashby 086

Lake ashby 090



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