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Shell egg casings on Florida beaches - lightning whelk, horse conch, sea snails

As you walk the Florida beaches with your kids it is great to come across seashell egg casings. Many people see seashells all over the beach, but they never give much thought to how they started out. low and behold, you may be stepping right over their egg casings, which is how they got started!

We commonly see egg casings for the lightning whelk, horse conch, and sea snail. As you see these you may want to take a look at them to investigate. We never break open the sacks or take the egg casings with us. We check them out, then return them back to the beach. Often times you may find there are still super tiny seashells in each egg sack. 

Here my daughter is holding a picture of a horse conch egg casing in her left hand (the horse conch is the Florida State Shell), and a lightning whelk egg casing in the other:

Spring break 2013 214

This picture shows my kids holding a large lightning whelk egg casing:

Spring break 2013 199

This is a picture of a sand collar, which is the egg casing for the sea snail (or moon snail) shell:

Sand collar

Here is a picture of the lightning whelk:





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