Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge - Volusia County
Spruce Creek Park - short nature walk to bird observation tower - Port Orange

Daytona Beach Shores Nature Walk - Indian Blanket and Beach Daisies

Yesterday we went to the beach in the evening. It is my favorite time to go during the summer. The sun drops behind the buildings the temperature is just right, there are very few people there, and you don't need sunscreen. We took a nice walk and it was gorgous!

Along the beach there is an open lot (a rare area that has  yet to be developed). It was filled with wildflowers and just beautiful! The lot was filled with beach daisies and Indian blanket flowers. There were a few purple ones here there and well, but they didn't show up in the pictures. So pretty!

Here are some of the things we found on our beach walk last night:

Transfer station 027

Transfer station 028

Transfer station 020

(Above: two live olive shells that we found, checked out, and then put back into the water).

Transfer station 018
(Above: A broken balloon about to wash into the ocean. Balloons are harmful to the ocean and kill animals. Please keep balloons away from the ocean, don't them blow away, and pick them up and discard them if you do see them).


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