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Zebra Longwing - Florida State Butterfly

Manatee Sanctuary Park in Cape Canaveral Florida

While on an overnight trip yesterday to Cape Canaveral I had looked up area parks. I came across Manatee Sanctuary Park, located in Cape Canaveral, just minutes from the hotel we stayed at. We decided to stop in and I'm glad we did!

Manatee Sanctuary Park is a hidden gem! I say "hidden" because the city doesn't offer much detail about how great this public park really is. You can see their page here. The Manatee Sanctuary Park is wonderful and it offers free access.

Manatee Sanctuary Park is located at 701 Thurm Blvd. in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It is a beautiful 10-acre park that is set on the Banana River. There is a boardwalk that goes along the water, with observation areas. You can walk and stand along there to see manatee in the Banana River. When we stopped by there today the river has many manatee swimming around. We just stood there for a while watching them. It seemed like every direction we looked in there were manatee in view. It was great!

The boardwalk and viewing area at Manatee Sanctuary Park is wheelchair and stroller accessible. There is also a gravel fitness trail and workout stations, as well as picnic areas and a pavilion. Stop by this park to see the manatees in their natural environment. Great park!

Here are pictures from our stop today at Manatee Sanctuary Park in Cape Canaveral:

Cape Canaveral 192

Cape Canaveral 152

Cape Canaveral 179

Cape Canaveral 160

Cape Canaveral 159

Cape Canaveral 186

Cape Canaveral 175

Cape Canaveral 183
(above: blanket flower/Indian blanket)

Cape Canaveral 189
(above: butterfly garden with a zebra long wing pictured at the top...the Florida state butterfly)

Cape Canaveral 157

Cape Canaveral 191

Cape Canaveral 187


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