Spruce Creek Park - short nature walk to bird observation tower - Port Orange
Blue Spring State Park - Orange City, Florida

Seeing Scrub Jays at Lyonia Preserve / Lyonia Environmental Center

This past Saturday we took a guided hike through the Lyonia Preserve. This is located right behind the Lyonia Environmental Center, which is in Deltona. I am a big fan of the Lyonia Environmental Center. They have wonderful exhibits, classes, programs, camps, and hikes.

We really wanted to see the scrub jays, of course. Many peopel who hike at Lyonia want to see the scrub jays, as they are a popular animal living in that habitat. We did get luck that morning! We were in a pretty good size group, but they came out and one landed on one of the young girl's head. It was after the granola bar she was eating. It landed on her head, she stood still, we all took pictures, and then it hopped down to her hand. It snagged a quick bite of her granola bar and flew up to a tree branch, much to the surprise of us all. We were able to get some great pictures of the scrub jays!

The scrub jays are beautiful social birds. They can easily be mistaken for a blue jay, but they live in the scrub habitat of Florida. The scrub jay is a native species to the state of Florida. In fact, they are not found anywhere else. They are only in Florida. They are also a threatened species, largely due to the fact that they are losing places to live.

You can learn more about the scrub jay here. You can learn more about the Lyonia Preserve here.

Here are some pictures from our hike at Lyonia, where we got to see several scrub jays in action:

Lyonia 060

Lyonia 062

Lyonia 066

Lyonia 086

Lyonia 088

Lyonia 091

Lyonia 091


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