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Tubing in Florida - Grab a re-purposed vinyl tube! Eco-Tubes Review

Two days ago I went to the store looking to find a tube to take to De Leon Springs State Park. We had previously rented one while at another park and we realized it is much more cost effective to purchase your own to take. I was happy to see that the pool supply stores that I stopped into had eco-friendly tubes!

I was able to find two different size "eco tubes," that are made out from 50% repurposed vinyl. Plus, the packing it came in is 90% recycled fiber. One of the eco-tubes is 36" and the other is 48" and has two built-in handles. 

Yesterday we put the tubes to the test while spending the day at De Leon Springs State Park. I used both during the course of the day, as did the kids. They worked great and we are happy with them. I'm also glad that they are more environmentally friendly than others. And as for cost, we paid $5.00 plus tax for the smaller one, and $10 plus tax for the larger one. A price that was comparable to the other tubes on the shelf.

Look for eco-tubes at your local pool supply store or online here. They also have loungers, rafts, and more!

Here are pictures of the tubes and us using them:

Animal_tracks 098

Animal_tracks 097

De Leon Springs 026


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