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Bladderwort Aquatic Plant in Florida - A Carnivorous Plant

Last week I shared a blog post about a plant that eats bugs (the pitcher plant). Today I'm going to share pictures of another one - the bladderwort. The bladderwort is an aquatic plant that grows in wetland areas. It is a free floating, meaning that it does not grow from the ground. It is not attached to anything. Rather, it floats along the water.

The bladderwort, which is a native plant to Florida, has tiny bladders along the bottom part (the part the is below the water's surface), and a yellow flower that is above the water's surface (depending on the species they can also be a purple color). The bladders catch tiny animals, which is what the plant eats.

Here are some pictures of the bladderwort plant that we took at Long Leaf Pine Preserve:

Eco_buggy_ride 053

Eco_buggy_ride 060

Eco_buggy_ride 059



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