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Yesterday my family went on an eco-buggy ride at Long Leaf Pine Preserve in Volusia County. This was not the first buggy ride we have taken. We like them! I prefer taking hikes, but this is a nice change once in a while. You sit on the buggy and take a ride through the area, making stops along the way to learn about various things in nature. It gives you a good chance to see what the area is like and learn a lot. It was lead by Bonnie Carey, who works for land managment is wonderful!

Long Leaf Pine Preserve is an area that is made up of a lot of slash pine trees, is very wet, and has a lot of animal activity. During the times we have been there we have seen tracks from turkey, bobcat, bear, dear, wild hog, and others. There are hiking trails, as well as a lot of geo-caching areas.

Here are some pictures from our eco-buggy ride at Long Leaf Pine Preserve:

Eco_buggy_ride 001

Eco_buggy_ride 002

Eco_buggy_ride 008

Eco_buggy_ride 013

Eco_buggy_ride 015

Eco_buggy_ride 033

Eco_buggy_ride 044

Eco_buggy_ride 045


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Robin Tierney

Fun! I like the eco-buggy very much (great alternative to making horses pull ya around)


Indeed! I wouldn't have even considered it if it had been a horse pulling us around. :)

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