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The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum in Sanibel Island

Florida Fighting Conch - A Vegetarian Shell - My favorite seashell

I have a great shell collection of all seashells that I have found on Florida beaches. I never purchase seashells from stores. Why? Because the ones that are in stores generally come from animals that have been killed for their shell. I never want an animal to die so that I can have its shell. Besides, Florida beaches are loaded with wonderful seashells where the animal has passed on naturally, without human interaction in order to take their shell (or to eat them!).

Anyway, my favorite seashell is the Florida fighting conch. One of the reasons that I love them and we have such a great collection of them is that they are vegetarian. In an ocean filled with things that eat one another I respect the fact that the Florida fighting conch has taken another path. Plus, we are a family of vegetarians, so it's fitting that we have them on display in our home.

My favorite place for shelling in Florida is Sanibel Island. We go every March and we come back with an awesome array of seashells. But the Florida fighting conch is always my favorite!

Here are some pictures of some Florida fighting conchs we found in Sanibel Island:

Sanibel trip 033

Sanibel trip 034

Sanibel trip 035


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