Meadow Beauty Wildflower in Florida
Bladderwort Aquatic Plant in Florida - A Carnivorous Plant

Golden Silk Spider in Florida

Twice within the last week we have come across the golden silk spider while on our  nature activities. They have awesome looking web's that distinguish them from others. The golden silk spider is not poisonous. It could bite you if you pick it up and pinch it (according to the University of Florida), but the bite is less painful than a bee sting and goes away quickly. So although they are big spiders they are relatively harmless. You can learn more about them here.

Here are two pictures of the golden silk spider we have taken in the last week. The first one was taken at Long Leaf Pine Preserve and the second one was taken at Merritt Island on Black Point Drive.

Eco_buggy_ride 022

Cape Canaveral 102


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