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Poe Springs, Florida Review - High Springs

After spending the day at Ginnie Springs today we stopped off to check out Poe Springs. Located only 10 minutes down the road from Ginnie Springs, Poe Springs is also located on the Santa Fe River. Before making the drive to the area (2.5 hours to get there) we had to decide between going to Ginnie Springs or Poe Springs.

We chose Ginnie Springs because there were loads of reviews and information online about the place, and very little info about Poe Springs. After checking them both out, I would next time choose to go to Poe Springs, rather than Ginnie Springs (read my Ginnie Springs review here). By going to Poe Springs instead we would have saved $27 in park entrance fees, avoided the partying crowd and chaos, and still would have had a wonderful time.

Poe Springs is a county run park. It's well maintained, clean, and offered free entrance. There are pavilions, a nature walk, bathrooms, and a great spring area for swimming, tubing, and snorkeling. It is bit of a walk back to the spring area, but it's a beautiful walk. You walk on a boardwalk among old cypress trees, with some of the biggest cypress knees I've ever seen. Beautiful! The boardwalk is wheelchair and stroller accessible and it is shaded by the trees. The walk back to the spring on the boardwalk is probably a quarter of a mile. I enjoyed it though because it makes for a nice little nature walk. Plus, you can put all your things for the day in a cart and pull everything back to make it easier.

Poe Springs is nice, was not busy at all, and offered a quiet nature setting. It was great! I would love to go back and spend the day at this beautiful, well mainatained park. Poe Springs is a family friendly park that offers a great time in nature.

Here are some pictures from Poe Springs that I took today:

Ginnie_Poe_Springs 030

Ginnie_Poe_Springs 032

Ginnie_Poe_Springs 033

Ginnie_Poe_Springs 038

Ginnie_Poe_Springs 040

Ginnie_Poe_Springs 044

Ginnie_Poe_Springs 048

Ginnie_Poe_Springs 049

Ginnie_Poe_Springs 051

Ginnie_Poe_Springs 053



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