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Fairchild Oak tree at Bulow Creek State Park in Ormond Beach

Looking for an awesome tree to check out? Go see the Fairchild Oak, located at Bulow Creek State Park, in Ormond Beach. This tree is absolutely amazing! No picture can do it justice. You really have to see it in person. The trunk is huge and the branches are big, strong, and sprawling. They are brimming with life, too (e.g., resurrection fern, Spanish moss, etc.). 

While you are there, the park also offers wonderful hiking, a pavilion with picnic tables, and a restroom. Whether you plan to hike or not, be sure to stop and visit the Fairchild Oak. It's awesome! There is also a great scenic nature drive in that area. You can drive along the road where the park is and take it back to Highbridge Road and follow it along. Gorgeous!

Bulow Creek State Park is located on Old Dixie Highway in Ormond Beach. You can get more info about the park here. You can see a blog post I did on the hiking at this park here.

Here's a picture I took of the Fairchild Oak in the morning:




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