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Honeymoon Island State Park - Hiking the Osprey Trail

Spring-to-Spring Trail from Lake Beresford Park to Blue Spring State Park

We recently checked out Lake Beresford Park, which is located in DeLand (read more about it here). While there, we noticed there is a Spring-to-Spring trail. This paved multi-use pedestrian trail can be used for biking, walking, jogging, etc. At Lake Beresford Park there is also a pedestrian tail that runs the perimeter of the park. To find this one you just walk under the overhead railroad track (it's the second paved trail you come to). 

From the parking lot at Lake Beresford Park, head toward the underpass. The first paved trail you come to is one that stays inside the park. It's nice, but it's a short ride. Go through the underpass and you will come to the spring-to-spring trail. If you turn right, the trail ends at .4 miles. If you turn left you can take it down 2 miles to Blue Spring State Park. Once there, you can turn left and go through another underpass and continue on that paved bike path for another 3+ miles.

I loved this trail! It is so beautiful through there, with nature all around you, bridges, swamp in one area that you can see, and more. It's wonderful! On the way going to Blue Spring State Park it's a lot of uphill, which was kicking my butt on the bike. But on the way back, it was like a free ride as we coasted along. It was so much fun! 

This trail is great for walkers, joggers, bikers, wheelchairs, and strollers. It's mostly shaded by the tree canopy, too. Love this trail! This spring-to-spring trail will eventually extend to Gemini Springs Park, and is going to be part of much longer trail system.

Once you get to Blue Spring State Park you can just turn around and go back, or you can pay a $2 per person fee to enter the park.

Lake Beresford Park is located at 100 Fatio Rd in DeLand, and offers other trails (both paved and unpaved), a playground, pavilions with picnic tables, and restrooms.

Here are pictures of the spring-to-spring trail going from Lake Beresford Park to Blue Spring State Park:


Pictured above: The overhead train track. Go trough that to pick up the spring-to-spring trail. The trail this side of the track is the one that goes around the perimeter of the park, which is two miles long.

Pictured below: Spring-to-Spring trail pictures.










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