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One year ago this month my kids got me a window bird feeder for my birthday. It's by far one of my favorite gifts I've ever gotten! I have the window bird feeder on my office window, which is right next to my desk. Just about every day I have male and female cardinals stop by, which is really neat. I get an up-close view of them as they eat the seeds.

The one I have is the Clear Window Bird Feeder, which was ordered from Amazon. There are other kinds that are made by various companies and are a variety of shapes and sizes. Just do a search on Amazon for "window bird feeder" and you will have a list of them come up. They also sell the mirrored film that you can put on the window, in case you need that to help attract the birds to the feeder. It allows you to see the birds, while they can see themselves, rather than be scared off by seeing into your home. 

Many people ask me about whether or not the squirrels get to my feeder. When we first put it up I had it down low on the window. At that level the squirrel came frequently to the feeder. I don't mind them coming once in a while, but they tend to drain the feeder and if they come often it can get expensive. So I did move the window bird feeder up the window higher and center it more. So now the squirrel doesn't really have a way to get up there and I've yet to see one on it at this level. Yet I can still see the birds just great!

Just another great way to observe nature. My kids also love it (it's on my home office window), too!

Here are some pictures:




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