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Keeping a hiking journal! Starting a family hiking journal

On a recent vacation we did so much hiking that I dubbed it the "hiking vacation." We spent a week in the Las Vegas area, but spent very little time on or near the Strip (because we lived there for years and know the best things there are not found near the Strip or near casinos). We went hiking at the Grand Canyon, Mount Charleston, Death Valley, Valley of Fire, and more. We had a fabulous time!

That trip got me thinking... we hike regularly as a family and have done so for years. I would love to record our  hikes! So I logged online and began searching around for a hiker's journal. I decided to purchase one by Journals Unlimited. They come in small and larger sizes. I wanted the small one, so I can match it with a small pen and carry it right in my backpack. That way every hike gets recorded right when are done with it. We don't have to wait until I get home and try to remember to pull out the journal to log it.

I got my hiker's journal in the mail and it's great! It's a small size that will fit nicely into the backpack and it provides space to write about the hike, including the location, who all did the hike, what we saw, etc. Two thumbs up for these little journals!

I also found out since purchasing it that they are made in my native state of Michigan. Yes, they are made in America! And the company makes a wide variety of journals for all types of things. They offer a great hiking journal, as well as The Camper's Journal, so you can log where your family goes and what they love and hate about each campsite!

If your family does a lot of hiking, as ours does, you may want to consider having a hiking journal, too!




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