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Pickerelweed in bloom in Florida - a beautiful native plant




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As we get closer to summer I always look for one of the plants I find beautiful out in nature - the pickerelweed. I love the way pickerelweed looks when it's blooming, as the purple flowers look so beautiful. Now is the time to start watching for the pickerelweed to start blooming, which usually takes place from around June through November.

Pickerelweed is a native plant found near fresh water, including ponds, marshes, etc. It's found along the edges of the water and has a beautiful green leafy base, with the flowers that bloom in a purple- bluish color.  It is bee and insect pollinated and does grow a fruit as the flower dies. The seeds are eaten by ducks, and the plant provides cover for some smaller animals.

Start taking a look around fresh water for the pickerelweed. You can't miss or not appreciate the beauty in this plant, especially when it's in bloom!

This picture was taken this morning in Port Orange, right where Williamson and Airport Road come together.


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