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Suwannee River State Park - hiking, camping, and more!

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This week we had some extra time in between baseball games and needed something to do. I was quick to suggest taking the drive to see the Suwannee River. The Suwannee River State Park was only around a 25-30 minute ride from where we were staying in Lake City for the weekend. The Suwannee River played an important role in the history of Florida, which made me even more interested in seeing this natural area.

The river is beautiful! The park offers a children's playground, hiking trails, a kayak launch, and camping. We hiked some of the trails, which provides beautiful views and they are mostly shady from the trees overhead. We hiked to the Suwannee Spring, which is not big enough to swim in, but people did get in and stand there to cool off.

The park also offers camping opportunities, including some great cabins that you can rent for around $100 per night. The cabins are pretty awesome! They have two bedrooms, a small kitchen, a huge screened in porch, a bonfire area, and more. We really want to go back in the fall and camp there for a couple of nights. It will be nice to wake up there on the river and do some early morning hiking, kayaking, and then have a bonfire in the evening. 

Two thumbs up for the Suwannee River State Park. We really enjoyed our time there and look forward to going back there to camp in the fall. It's a beautiful river and the trails that go along the river provide some great views.

Get more info on the park here. Here are pictures from the Suwannee River State Park:

Lake-city-weekend 028

Lake-city-weekend 031

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Suwanee Spring

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Rental Cabin at Suwanee River State Park
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cabin porch
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cabin porch


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