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Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park - Dive in!


While on our recent camping trip to the Suwanee River State Park, we decided to make the trek to Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park. The park is off the beaten path and among many farms in Live Oak, Fla., but it's my goal to visit as many of the state's springs as possible, so we added this one to our list. 

Peacock Springs is a diver's delight! It's known for its diving scene, with there being a large underwater world for divers to explore. Caves open up and expand beyond, providing plenty for divers to see. We are not divers, but rather snorkelers, but we wanted to check it out anyway. There were numerous people there diving when we arrived, and several more came in pairs while we were there. We went in for a quick swim anyway.

If you are into diving or you have a mission to see as many springs as you can, you will want to visit this state park. It's not a great park to take kids to. As soon as you leave the steps the water is very dark, and there's not much for snorkelers to see, because immediately below there are caves. The swimming area has many large boulders, too. Being a state park, the entrance fee was just $4.00 per vehicle.

Peacock Springs looks pretty, but is not a great place if you are a swimmer or snorkeler, it's really for the snorkelers. I wouldn't make a point to go back again, because there are better options for those who want to swim or snorkel, but I'm glad I took a dip there so I could add it to my list of springs I've snorkeled in. They do have a 1.2 mile hiking trail that I'd love to do during hiking season.

- Jacqueline Bodnar

Here is a video and pictures of our stop at Peacock Springs:







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