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Blackbear Wilderness Area in Sanford, Florida - A hike for everyone!

A great place to take a hike is the Blackbear Wilderness Area in Sanford. There is a 7.1 mile loop trail, but you can shorten it up. We took the kids on a shorter, two mile hike, that leads back to an observation deck on the river. To take just the two mile walk, go right on the boardwalk when you come to the Y and have to choose a direction. If you are doing the whole loop you can go either way. Going to the right will lead you back a mile to the observation deck, where you can take in the scenery, take pictures, and turn around there. We saw a lot of wildlife along the trail, including a couple of alligators. We also saw a couple of piles of bear scat, although we didn't spot any bears.

This is a great trail that has swamp on both sides, boardwalk in a couple of areas and a cypress swamp. Beautiful scenery!

There are no bathrooms or picnic tables at this park, but around 10 minutes away you can go to Lake Monroe Park, where they have restrooms, a playground, and covered picnic tables. We did our hike, then headed to that other park for lunch. It was a great time!

Here are pictures from the Blackbear Wilderness Area:









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