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Faver Dykes State Park in St. Augustine - Camping, hiking, and more!


We spent two nights camping this week at Faver Dykes State Park, located in St. Augustine. We had a great time!

Faver Dykes State Park is located miles back into the woods, which is what I love about it! You are miles off the beaten path and surrounded by woods. There is also a beautiful marsh. The campground has 30 sites for camping, with two of them not open to reservations. Those two are for walk-ups only. We had reserved online ahead of time, reserving spot 26. We did not realize until we arrived that spot 26 is a handicap spot. There are a couple of handicap spots at the park. The difference in them and the others is that the handicap spots have a cement pad for the trailer, and they are close to the restrooms, each having their own private walkway straight to the bathroom. For someone who needs a handicap hook-up, it's quite nice. The camp site also had a fire pit, BBQ grill, picnic table, and an outdoor clothes line. 

The park is really nice. There are three hiking trails (even though their website said there are two). One was about half a mile long, one was .8 miles long, and one was 2.8 miles long. The hiking there was nice (although it was the time of year that it's getting too hot to hike). The campground also offers canoeing, docks, a boat launch, firewood you can purchase, a children's playground, picnic tables and pavilions.

There were echo moth caterpillars all over this park. The kids enjoyed watching them out and watching them cross the road.

In the morning we took our hike, but then in the evening we took a family bike ride. The first day we went three miles, riding through the park back  up to the entrance. We really enjoyed the ride. Each campsite offers plenty of room and some privacy, as there are a lot of trees and vegetation around. We enjoyed this park and would go back again.

Here are pictures from our stay at Faver Dyke State Park:












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