Lafayette Blue Springs in Mayo, Florida
Convict Spring in Mayo, Florida

Troy Springs State Park - Branford, Florida


On our spring hunting trip this week we checked out Troy Springs State Park, located in Branford. This spring is out in the middle of many farms and nature, as many of the best springs are. It's off the beaten path, but well worth the visit!

When we stopped at Troy Springs State Park there were only a couple of other families there at the time. The entrance fee is $5 per car, because it's a state park. There is a long walkway down to the spring, which is wheelchair accessible. The boardwalk takes you to a dock, where you can go down the stairs to get into the spring.

There were several people diving while we were there, but you don't see them much because they are deep under water.

Troy Springs is on the Suwannee River and the spring run is visible right from the swimming area. It's a beautiful spring that quickly became one of my husband's favorite ones. It's a very large spring swimming area that has a very deep area over the vent, and then there are more shallow areas and a beach-like access for younger kids or those wanting to stay out of the deep area. The water has many limestone rock formations and there is even remnants of a sunken ship from the Civil War. 

We really liked this spring, although my son pretty much stayed in the shallow area playing around, because it was so deep over the vent (we forgot to take our snorkeling vests!). Two thumbs up for Troy Springs State Park! We would go back here again for sure. It's beautiful, well maintained, and has something for everyone.

Here are pictures taken at Troy Springs:







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