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Recycling While Camping - How we do it!


Here in Florida, we love to take our RV out and camping. It's a great family time and we create memories wherever we go. But that fun time also comes with creating some waste. We try to create as little waste as possible. One of the ways we do this is to continue our at-home recycling efforts while we are out on our camping trips. 

Recycling while on the road and on vacations is something we have always done. When we traveled by car, we put a box in the back of the van and would put all of our recyclables in there. We'd take the box home and put it to the curb to be recycled (or dump it in a recycling bin if we came across one). Even when we took our vacation to Las Vegas last year, we recycled during the entire trip, saving up our recyclables in the hotel room and then dropping them into the bins at a grocery store that offered recycling bins. We are serious about our recycling!

Our RV is the Keystone Bullet 272BHS. This model has a built-in laundry chute that is next to the master bed (pictured). Laundry
There's a little door that lifts up and leads into one of the storage bins under the trailer. Rather than just use that for laundry, we put two baskets in there. One is for recycling, and one is for dirty clothes. We rinse out anything that needs rinsing, then pop it right  into the recycling bin in the laundry chute. At the end of our camping trip, we dispose of the items at the campsite recycling bins (if they have them). Not all campgrounds have recycling bins available, and some that do are overflowing already, so sometimes we take the basket home with us to put into our weekly recycling at the curb.

Campgrounds need to have more recycling centers/bins, and empty the ones that are there. Many campgrounds we have been to do have the bins, which is great. But some of them are so overfilled when we are there that I wonder if they ever get cleaned out. More people would be interested in recycling if the proper set up is available to them. Some of the places we recently camped at that had recycling bins included Hanna Park (they were overflowing there), Anastasia State Park, and Wekiwa Springs State Park.

If you don't have a laundry chute as we do, there are other options. There is a recycling basket that collapses available at Camping World (pictured). You can find a place right outside the trailer to put it while you are using it, or put it in one of your Recycling
storage areas. Once you have a few items ready for the bin, then put them in there. At the end of the trip, you can easily carry that bin over to the recycling center to get rid of the items, or pack it in your truck to take home to put them at the curb for your weekly pick-up. 

Recycling while camping is not inconvenient at all. It's actually quite easy and it's something that we have to do as a family. I wouldn't feel good creating so much waste and turning a blind eye to it, especially when I know how long things take to break down sitting in a landfill. It's just part of our family trying to be responsible and take our practices and beliefs out on the road with us!

Here are pictures from recycling on our camping trips:





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