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Review: Forest Bathing book by Dr. Qing Li


Last night I finished reading "Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness," by Dr. Qing Li. I'm someone who loves the forest, loves trees, and loves nature in general. I'm an avid hiker and camper and love to read about nature, too.

This book was excellent and I highly recommend it!

This is an excellent book about the importance of spending time in nature, especially the forest. He shares research about how the trees help your body fight cancer, stay healthier, inspire creativity, and improve quality of life. I also learned a lot about the forests in Japan. It shares information on how important trees are to the overall health of the planet and people living on it. He offers information on how to practice Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, as well as providing tips for bringing nature indoors through the use of plants and essential oils. The book is filled with great insight, tips, and research information regarding the important connection we have to nature and all it can do to improve our lives.

I loved this book! Here in Florida we have many great forests that we can spend time in. There is ample opportunity to practice forest bathing in Florida, and this book will introduce you the idea of it. While I didn't have a name for it (forest bathing), it's something I have been doing for many years. I spend time in the forest observing, smelling, listening, feeling, and just being. It's a great way to make you feel invigorated and re-charged. 

This is a book that I wish everyone would read. The message is that important! Get a copy of Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness and see for yourself!

Here are pictures of lines from the book that I particularly enjoyed.



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