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Titusville Comb Jelly Bioluminescence Kayak Tour Review


Saturday, my husband and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. Leading up to the days before the anniversary we kept trying to decide what we wanted to do to celebrate our years together. We are nature lovers, and I had read about bioluminescence kayak tours in the past and was interested. That popped into my head and I started thinking it would be a great thing to do that night. So we decided to go for it. To celebrate our years together, we went to dinner at Cafe Verde (where the food and service is always great!), and then headed south to Titusville for the Comb Jelly Bioluminescence Tour offered through A Day Away Kayak Tours.

The kayak tour cost around $100 for the two of us. It started at  8:15 pm in Titusville, near the south end of the Canaveral National Seashore. We arrived on time, got our mosquito repellent on, and waited for our group to be called up. There were a couple of companies checking in various kayak tours at the same time. We checked in, got our life jackets on, were given a paddle, and then were given some instructions by our tour guide, named Chad. He reminded me of Casey Affleck in both the way he looked and his voice. They walked us over to the shore, where they kindly helped us get into our kayaks.

They were great about helping us get in and out of the kayaks, for which I'm grateful. About 16 years ago, I was on a kayak tour in Cabo San Lucas. The water was very rough and when I went to get out of the kayak at the shore the waves took me down. The kayak smacked my leg painfully, giving me a massive sized bruise that lasted for weeks, and I fell into the water and started drowning. The water was so rough that I could not get up and I thought I would die right then and there. I was saved by what appeared to be about a 16 year old helper with the kayak company. The young kid pulled me to safety, and I absolutely believe saved me from drowning. Ever since then, I still kayak, but I'm always a little nervous getting into and out of the kayak. Anyway, the guide and his assistance (Molly) were wonderful at helping everyone feel safe getting into and out of the kayak. Much appreciated!

It was completely dark out on the water, so they gave everyone a fluorescent glow stick to wear. This way we can see where the people and kayaks are on the water and where everyone in our group is at. Smart system! We headed out on the tour, with Chad leading the way.  We made stops along the way to discuss our surroundings, see the glowing comb jellies, learn about the jellies, and more. All the while, you could look up and see an amazing star-filled sky. So many stars! I absolutely loved seeing all those stars and being out in the kayak in the complete darkness of the night. It was awesome!

The comb jellies were really neat. They glow when you give them a little shake. We also got to see bioluminescent dinoflaggellates, which were like little glowing sparks in the water. It was great. When our kayaks made our way back to the shore, there were numerous horseshoe crabs dotting the shoreline. 

The tour was fun. We really had a wonderful time and loved the experience. We want to go back and do their sunset birding kayak tour, too. Our tour guide was wonderful. His passion for what he does shines through and he's a wonderful advocate for the environment and in teaching people about what they are seeing on the tour. We learned a lot from him. 

Great customer service and a wonderful experience. Two thumbs up for the Comb Jelly Bioluminescence Kayak Tour at A Day Away Kayak Tours!

Another anniversary in the books. In a nation where the average marriage lasts 8.2 years, and there is a divorce every 36 seconds, we have not only beat the odds, but we would do it all over again! Our marriage is built on a foundation of being best friends. You can't beat that! Here's to many more years ahead...




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