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Little River Springs County Park near Branford


Little River Springs County Park is located on County Road 248 near Branford, Florida. You can get directions to it here.

This place is a real gem! It's a large spring that is located on the Suwannee River and it is free to get into. The spring has a limestone shelf and is surrounded by large rocks to prevent erosion on the bank. From the parking lot, there are steps leading down into the spring area. Litter River Springs offers great snorkeling, diving, and swimming. There are some deeper areas around the cave, for those who want to explore, but there are also many more shallow areas. There are also places along the side where you can sunbath or just sit and enjoy the sandy beach-type areas. 

The current at this spring is strong and they have signs posted about it to warn people going into the spring. The spring offers crystal clear water, fun snorkeling, and plenty of beauty. There are limestone rock formations near the cave, which make a great place to snorkel. Not only can you view the rocks, but there are also plenty of fish swimming around in there to check out. 

The spring only has porta-potties, so keep that in mind. You can take some chairs down the stairs and set them up on the cement or along the bank of the spring. This is a gorgeous spring that quickly became a family favorite. Little River Springs is a second magnitude spring, so there are millions of gallons of pristine water that flows out of it daily. Being that this spring is along the Suwannee River, it is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Little River Springs is located near some other springs as well, if you want to go spring hopping, including not being far from Royal Springs.

Little River Springs is a family friendly spring that offers something for everyone, including snorkeling, diving, playing, and relaxing. We beat the crowds there, with there only being one diver there when we arrived. By the time we were ready to leave a couple of hours later, there were a few families there, as well as a camp that had brought around 25 kids. We usually aim to go during the week and arrive early, so we avoid the crowds. 

This is a gorgeous natural spring that you will want to add to your list of places to explore! Like all the springs in central and northern Florida, it remains a constant year-round temperature of around 72 degrees. Refreshing on a hot day! This spring is located around 35 minutes from Rum Island Springs County Park, and about 37 minutes from Troy Springs, if you want to do some spring hopping.





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