Rock Bluff Springs at J.H. Anderson Jr Memorial Park in Gilchrist County
Wakulla Springs State Park Near Tallahassee

Naked Spring at Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park in High Springs


UPDATE: Since writing this post, this spring has been closed off to swimming. This was done to allow for it to recover from the erosion that was taking place. They removed the dock and have closed it off. You can still take a look at it, but you can't go into it anymore.


Within the park grounds at Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park you will find Naked Spring. The main spring at this park is Gilchrist Blue, but there is another spring just a two minute walk away from that one. Naked Spring is one of several other springs that are within this new state park. The place was previously privately owned and operated, until it went up for sale and the state purchased it for just over $5 million, making it the state's 175th state park in 2017. You can read more about Gilchrist Blue here.

Naked Spring is a real gem! It's my kind of spring, because it's very natural. There's not a lot built up around it at this point. It's a beautiful natural spring in the woods. We recently spent four nights camping at this state park, which you can learn more about here. While there, we snorkeled a lot in the main spring, but we also went into Naked Spring. I absolutely loved Naked Spring. The first day there was still an old dilapidated ramp and stairs that led into the spring. It was likely damaged in one of the hurricanes, and on another day while we were there they pulled it out of there and got rid of it. 

This spring is pristine. The water is amazingly clear and beautiful, the spring vents look awesome, and it's surrounded by loads of natural beauty. I was in awe at this spring. We enjoyed snorkeling around in there and each time we went we would either have it to ourselves or there would be maybe 2-3 other people in there. While it's only a couple of minutes from the main spring, I think most people don't know about it or they are not interested in going to it, which is fine with me. Most people prefer the main spring area, which gets pretty crowded at times. The first time I visited this park a couple of years ago, I didn't know about Naked Springs.

Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park is located at 7450 NE 60th St in High Springs. It costs $5 per car to get into this state park. 

Update one year later in June 2020: A week after I wrote this blog post about Naked Spring, the state closed this spring off to the public. There's no more swimming allowed in it. Now, they have a fence up to keep people out. You can look at it, but you can't go in. I'm glad we were able to take a dip before it was closed off to swimmers. 

Here are some pictures of Naked Spring, located within Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park:



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