Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park Camping Review
Naked Spring at Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park in High Springs

Rock Bluff Springs at J.H. Anderson Jr Memorial Park in Gilchrist County


In June 2019, Rock Bluff Springs was made accessible to those who are not in kayaks and boats.  The county opened the park up to those who are walking in. When you visit Rock Bluff Springs be prepared to pay the exact amount to enter the park. It's $4 per car, self pay. You simply put the money in the envelope, retain the envelope stub, and drive on in. The park is nice with, picnic tables, plenty of trees and shade, too.

Rock Bluff Springs is located at NW 6560 County Road 340 in Bell, Florida, which is in Gilchrist County. The spring has gorgeous cypress trees in it. However, when we visited in June 2019, there was a lot of algae, making it a bit unappealing to snorkel in. We did anyway, so that we could check out the spring head. This is a second magnitude spring, so there are millions of gallons of water that flow from it daily.

This is a spring you can quickly cool off at, and the cypress trees are great to see, but until the algae clears up it's not all that desirable to swim around in. If and when that gets cleaned up, the spring will be awesome. For now it's still worth checking out, but not really a place you will want to spend a lot of time at or take the kids to, due to the overall condition. My kids thought the condition of the water was pretty gross. Boats and kayaks can still pull up to the spring, but it is roped off to separate them from the swimming area. There are stairs that lead into the spring for those who arrive by car.

Here are some additional pictures of Rock Bluff Springs:



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