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Little River Springs County Park near Branford

Rum Island Springs County Park


Rum Island Springs County Park is a natural spring located at 1447 S W Rum Island Terrace in Fort White, Florida. This is located in Columbia County.

This spring offers free admission and is absolutely gorgeous! It quickly became one of our favorite springs. Rum Island Springs is located along the Sante Fe River, offering a beautiful natural setting. The water is crystal clear and beautiful, and you can see where the spring water meets the tannin water of the river. There are three sets of wood stairs that lead into the springs, there is plenty of shallow areas, and there are a couple of deep spring heads to explore.

Rum Island Springs County Park is a small park that offers some picnic tables, shady areas, and porta-potties. There is plenty of grassy area along the river to set up and just relax for a few hours, too. There are no dogs allowed in the park. Kayakers can also make a stop off at Rum Island as they are kayaking the Santa Fe River. Within minutes of arriving at Rum Island, I could hear a barred owl in the woods, would helped set the stage for an amazing experience. 

We try to visit the springs on weekdays, and arrive early in the day, so that we beat the crowds. It usually works out well for us. When we arrived at Rum Island we were the only people there. After a while there were a few others that stopped by, but it never got busy while we were there. This is a second magnitude spring, with millions of gallons of pristine water flowing from it each day into the Santa Fe River.

This is a beautiful spring that is well worth checking out. We loved it!

This spring is around 35 minutes from Little River Springs, about 20 minutes from Royal Springs, and about 16 minutes from Troy Springs, if you want to do some spring hopping.



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