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Beautifully designed bird feeder makes a nice gift!


Looking for a great gift for a nature lover? You can't beat a bird feeder! 

This new bird feeder that I was given is beautiful. I know, you can't usually say that about a bird feeder, but it's true. The top part of it has a great design on it, making it a beautiful bird feeder. The top is designed with a nature scene of leaves, a ladybug, caterpillar, etc. It's really nice!

I put it up on the tree in our backyard and the birds took to it quickly. I haven't seen any squirrels on it yet. The manufacturer says it is squirrel proof, but I will be able to tell once I see a squirrel try to eat from it. Once I see a squirrel or two yet I will report back on whether or not they were able to get food from it. 

Keep this bird feeder in mind if you are looking for a nice gift for a birder or nature lover. It's a great looking bird feeder that is sure to please.

You can find this bird feeder here on Amazon

Update: A month has past since I first wrote about this bird feeder. I am sorry to say that it is not squirrel proof. Once, a squirrel got on the top and found a way to tip the entire container of seed onto the ground. Another time, the squirrel found a way to have the base of the feeder (where all the seed is) detach from the feeder and fall to the ground. While it's a beautiful looking bird feeder, it's not squirrel proof. If you use this you may want to put it on a squirrel proof pole. 


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