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Southern Live Oak in Orlando


I'm a tree lover! Numerous times I had drove by this gorgeous tree in Orlando, across from Loch Haven Park. I finally pulled in to take a look and it and it didn't disappoint! 

This old Southern Live Oak is located across from Loch Haven Park, out in front of Mennello Museum. You can pull right into the museum parking lot and check out the tree. It's free to park there, and it's an easy and out, so it will take minutes. It's worth the quick stop to see this beautiful tree. I saw some websites say that the tree is 200 years old, but really it's older than that. The sign in front of the tree shows that it was started in 1688. The first picture shows what it would be like in its first stage in 1688. This would make the tree over 333 years old. The mistake that other websites make in saying that the tree is 200 years old is that they are missing the 100 year span from 1688 to 1788. But if you start counting in 1788, the tree is already grown. Those first tiny years count, too!

This tree is magnificent and a true gem, especially when you consider the big city that has sprung up around it in all directions. It's been there since before America was even a country. It's survived wars, hurricanes, and more. 

If you are in the Orlando area, make your way to Mennello Museum and check out this gorgeous old tree. It's spectacular! 
Check out the video of the tree below.




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