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How to Restore RV from Oxidation and Sun Exposure


Not long ago, I wrote a review on using Maquiar's Fiberglass Oxidation Kit to help restore our Keystone Bullet. It is stored in a place where it is not covered (wish it were!) and one side had become badly sun damaged and oxidized (the other side that gets shade still looks wonderful). Maquiar's Oxidation Kit helped restore it probably 75%, but we still were not satisfied and felt it could be much better. So I was on a mission to find what would work.

That mission lead me to my owner's manual. Yes, all along the answer of how to restore our RV from the oxidation and sun exposure was right there in the owner's manual. Amazing, they take the time to produce such a thing and then I didn't even look there first. Ugh, but oh well, I thought of it then, and I'm glad I did.

The Keystone Bullet owner's manual stated that to remove the oxidation damage on the RV you should use a product called Poli Glow. I read about it on Amazon, and was skeptical that it would do any better than the Maquiar's kit did, but I had to give it a try since the manufacturer recommended it. We had called one company that offers the restoration service and they wanted $600-700 to do the work (and that's only for half the trailer). I wasn't going to pay that, because I felt that if we could just find the right product we could do the work ourselves. And that's what we did!

We ordered the Poli Glow Kit, read and followed the instructions, and went to work. In all honesty, I think if we had found this product first we could have simply skipped the Maquiar's step all together. I think the Poli Glow kit is enough to do the job, without using other products.

The Poli Glow products were easy to apply. My husband worked the top half of the side and front of the RV (the areas that needed restoration) and I worked the lower half. The whole thing took us a couple of hours to complete. When we were finished I was blown away at how good it looked. It was awesome! Our travel trailer is back to looking great. The oxidation is gone, the fading is gone, and the beautiful shine is back! Poli Glow even brought back the front decals some, which were badly faded and looking horrible. They look good again. 

I'm so impressed with how well Poli Glow worked. This product we will be using twice a year now to keep our RV looking great. I had honestly become embarrassed at how bad the front and one side was looking. It was terribly faded, oxidized, and dull. But I'm back to loving our baby once again!

If your RV / travel trailer is dull or has oxidation I highly recommend trying Poli Glow. This is what was recommended in the manual for our RV and I see why. It worked wonderfully! Lesson learned... always go to your owner's manual first to see what the manufacture recommends when there's an issue with your trailer. 

Before Poli Glow (dull, spots, oxidation)


After Poli Glow - Looks great! Removed oxidation, restored color.


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