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Books for Florida Nature Lovers


Books for Nature Lovers

I'm an avid reader. I'm also a nature lover. I get especially fired up when I find great books that involve nature. The combination is something that keeps me reading, especially if it's non-fiction. I do read some fiction from time to time, but in all honesty, I'm a non-fiction reader. I probably read about 95% non-fiction, and then every once in a while I throw in a fiction book for fun. Below are some of my favorite books for nature lovers. I'll add to this list when I come across more that I love!



This is a wonderful book for being able to identify birds in Florida. It's nicely organized, has full-color photos, and information about each type of bird. You can quickly locate a bird in the book to identify what kind it is. The "Birds of Florida Field Guide" is great for any Florida birder, hiker, or nature lover.



"Florida's Living Beaches" is one of the first books I purchased when I moved to Florida and it is so worth it! I love this book and have learned a ton from it. The book will help you identify things you find on the beach and learn about them. Today, I know the names of many different types of seashells when I find them, and it's largely because of this book. It's a must-have for anyone who regularly spends time at Florida's beaches. The quick reference guide will help you identify what you find and gives you full color photos to do it.



If you are lover of nature you will not want to miss reading this book about forest bathing, the Japanese art of spending healing and meaningful time in the forest. This book offers great information and solidifies why it is that we nature lovers get so much out of spending time out in the woods. This should be a book that everyone reads, so they know how to use the power of nature to live a happier life. I've read other books on the topic, but Dr. Qing Li's "The Japanese Art and Science of Shinrin-Yoku: Forest Bathing" is by far my favorite.



If you know anything truthful about sharks you realize that they get a bad rap. They have been largely demonized in society, including in pop fiction. Truth be told, sharks kill around 10 humans per year, while humans kill around 100 million sharks per year. This book is fantastic at offering a real account of sharks and what their role in our world is. The book also sheds light on what is happening to them around the world. There was a lot of stuff in this book I knew, and a lot that was completely new to me. "Emperors of the Deep" is well worth reading!



This book is a must for any fan of Florida's nature. John Muir shares his true account of walking 1,000 miles to the Gulf of Mexico, cutting across northern Florida. It's a fascinating book that sheds light on the landscape at that time. I loved reading this book! "A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf" should be required reading for every Florida nature lover! If you live in Florida and only read one of John Muir's many books, make it this one.



"Grandma Gatewood's Walk" is a book that everyone who loves hiking and reads should have on their list! This is a fantastic account of a women's journey across the Appalachian Trail, by herself, and when it wasn't fashionable. This book will make you respect every step she took and maybe even challenge yourself to add a few more miles to your yearly hiking schedule. 


Similar to the shark book listed above, "Voices in the Ocean" offers a great look at our dolphin friends. I wish every person who attends marine parks (SeaWorld, Marineland, Aquariums, etc) would read this book. While I knew dolphins were intelligent and fascinating beings, I learned a lot more about them and other marine life from this book. 


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