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Waterproof phone bag review


I love to go to the springs, kayak, and do other things that put me in and near water. But I also love to use my phone, well, the camera. I take loads of pictures (pretty much more than anyone else I know). I have had waterproof bags over the years, but none that I loved. Until now!

I found this waterproof phone pouch on Amazon and it had good reviews, so I decided to give it a try. It was sold as a two-pack, so I took the one I liked the color of best and put it to the test. The company recommends that when you receive it you test it out. They recommend putting a napkin in it, closing it up, and submerging it in water for at least 30 minutes, so you can see if it keeps the napkin dry. I'm happy to report that the waterproof phone bag did keep the napkin dry. Completely dry. So I was ready to take it to the spring.

Yesterday, we visited one of my favorite springs - Blue Spring State Park in Orange City. I popped my phone into the bag and headed into the spring. Was I a little nervous? To be honest, yes. But my son told me that my phone was waterproof anyway (something I don't know about, but he claims, so I'm still skeptical). So I thought I had a backup and hopefully it stayed dry. 

The bag was submerged in water a lot during my springs trip. I took pictures under water, a swell as video! I was surprised at how well the picture quality looked with the pictures and videos taken under water. Very cool! I took lots of pictures and videos and had plenty to choose from to share online afterward.

I'm happy to say that the phone stayed completely dry. I thought the waterproof phone bag was great! It was a solid purchase, especially for the money (it was under $10 for two bags). You can check it out here if you are interested in one as well. 

The pictures in this post were taken with the phone inside the bag.




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