Northeast Florida

Over spring break, we camped again at Hanna Park, located in Jacksonville. While we hiked there at the park, we also left the park to hike in nearby places. One of them was at the University of North Florida Wildlife Sanctuary and Loftin Nature Trails. The trails are open to... Read more →

We just finished up RV camping at Anastasia State Park, located in St. Augustine, Florida. We spent three nights there and overall, we had a great time! Being that it is summer, we prefer to camp somewhere that has a place to cool off (e.g., springs, beach, etc.). This campground... Read more →

We spent two nights camping this week at Faver Dykes State Park, located in St. Augustine. We had a great time! Faver Dykes State Park is located miles back into the woods, which is what I love about it! You are miles off the beaten path and surrounded by woods.... Read more →